That Penniless Man



That penniless man

With his big big smile


He tries to redeem

His life of contempt.


He lost every thing,

His belongings were gone.

He accused the world

Of stealing his glory.

His money, his fortune,

And the people, so adulatory,

All vanished away.

Life is just so aleatory.


That penniless man

With his life of contempt


He had everything

But he just could not see.


There were people who loved him,

Who would do anything

To create a better world

For him to live in.

With his hatred and scorn,

He frightened them away.

Their wounds went too deep,

He realised only too late.


That penniless man

Now he tries to redeem

With his big big smile

He travels far and wide.


He has an ear to listen

And the will to help,

His heart is full of kindness,

Now he has found himself.