Genrethon TBR

Genrethon TBR

20160411_124058I have decided to participate to the Genrethon organised by Brittany, Joce, Kristyn and Lauren. It runs from yesterday 10th April until next Sunday 17th April. It comes at a really good time for me. My boyfriend is back home to see his family and I have a lot of solitary time to fill. Plus, the weather here in San Francisco has been quite gloomy and there is no Internet in the apartment. The result? A lot of time dedicated to reading. I’m finding it very therapeutic.

I also really like the concept of the readathon itself. It’s a quite relaxed one, with a minimum of three books to be read, which can include already started books. There are only two rules:

  • the first one is the afore-mentioned minimum number of books;
  • the second is that of the chosen books at least three need to belong to different genre categories.

There is also a giveaway for those who participate and, if anyone is interested, Brittany‘s  video will tell how to enter it.

I’ve put four books in my TBR, not because I intend to read all four of them, that would just be too optimistic for my reading pace, but because I want to give myself some choice on the last book I’ll be reading. And, well, if I happen to read more, all the better. So on to my TBR list in the order I will be reading it: Continue reading “Genrethon TBR”